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with an electric security fence

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Alarmed & monitored
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TheftZapper electric security fence deters theft by administering high-voltage yet safe shocks to would-be intruders and alerts clients and local authorities of attempted perimeter breaches.

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Why Choose

A property crime occurs in the U.S. every 3.5 seconds and over 80% of stolen property is never recovered.

TheftZapper is the most effective way for businesses to prevent theft before it happens. The monitored, electric security fence deters theft by administering high-voltage shocks to would-be intruders that are safe, yet effective. In the event of a perimeter breach, the monitored system will alert clients or local authorities of the unauthorized intrusion.

Perimeter Security experts install the fence with no upfront expense to the customer. Our no-surprise service contract provides certainty of budgeted monthly costs. The self-contained, solar-powered system ensures 24/7 protection even during power outages.

Prevention + Detection = True Protection

  • Preventative. Stop theft before it happens with physical and psychological barrier
  • Effective detection. Technology monitors unauthorized breaches covering entire property
  • Safe, yet effective, theft deterrent
  • 9,000 volt system consisting of IEC approved components
  • Low monthly, all-inclusive price means no surprises
  • Excellent value compared to alternatives
  • Environmentally conscious, solar-powered system


Before we installed TheftZapper, we had $1200 a week in thefts. After my TheftZapper was installed I haven’t had a single theft since. Perimeter Security is easy to work with, before and after the sale, and their response time is fantastic. What more can I say—it’s the best security fence ever.

Bobby Lowe, Wesco

I talked to three different companies and I liked Perimeter Security’s approach–it was very simple and easy. Since TheftZapper has been installed, we have not had a single break-in. It’s the best security investment we’ve ever made.

John Tepper, Ameritruck
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Referral Reward Program

If you know a business with a theft problem, let us know! You will earn the goodwill of your friends or business associates by helping protect their assets, and earn $500 for yourself. That’s right: for every referral that becomes a signed customer, we’ll send you $500.

Our current customers also have the option of receiving a discount on their monthly billing if preferred.